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Pet Memorials

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On behalf of the staff at Texas Corners Animal Hospital, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please e-mail your memorial to us at [email protected]. Please attach a picture of your pet.  We will post the memorial and picture on our website's Pet Memorial Page. We will contact you by e-mail or phone and let you know your pet's memorial has been posted.

hank you.  Ronald L. Moiles DVM and staff of the Texas Corners Animal Hospital.


In April of 2011 we lost our wonderful dog Zoe. Zoe fought a brave fight in her last couple months before finally succumbing to cancer. We had gotten Zoe as a 2 year old dog from a wonderful breeder who raised Dobermans for pet and show. Zoe was a show dog before we adopted her. She had won championships in both obedience and conformation shows. After having a litter of puppies, the breeder decided Zoe deserved home with a family. The day we saw Zoe it was “love at first sight”. As my wife and I drove home from the breeder, Zoe sat on the back seat as content as could be, sensing that she was with people that would love her and give her a good home. Zoe entered our house, jumped up on the coach, laid down and took a long nap. After waking, she went for a long walk in the woods with us, something that would become a daily ritual for the rest of her days with us. Zoe was the most wonderful dog. She was a loving companion and will be missed by myself, my wife and our sons. We can only hope that if dogs are allowed in Heaven, that someday we will have a chance to be reunited with her. Maybe even take a long walk in the woods, like old times. Zoe, we love and miss you so much. We were blessed to have you in our lives and you will live in our hearts forever.

-Ronald Moiles DVM


On my wife’s birthday in 2010, I surprised her with  baby Remi.  I had gotten Remi from a client of mine  that had brought his litter of 6 week old chocolate  Labrador Retriever puppies into manimal hospital  for their first vaccinations.  Everypuppy in the litter  was adorable, but one little girl puppy stood out  from the others.  It was my wife’s birthday and I  thought it would be a nice birthday present for her  (and me).  That afternoon I drove to our cottage  with little Remi.  My wife walked up to the car and  I told her I had her birthday present in the car.  She  looked into my eyes and said “you have a puppy in there don’t you”?   I got little Remi out of her cage and handed her to my wife.  Remi gave her some puppy kisses and my wife’s heart melted.  Remi came home with us that evening.  We had an adult female Doberman named Zoe and wondered how they would take to each other.  Zoe had raised a litter of puppies earlier in life and knew what puppies were all about.  Remi was a challenge as most puppies are, chewing up things, pestering Zoe and our cats and getting into anything she could.  I took her to obedience class and we bonded as tight as a guy and a dog could.  But, she was my wife’s dog.  Remi walked in the woods everyday with Zoe and my wife, enjoyed swimming in the lake at our cottage and riding in our boat.  After Zoe passed away Remi was never the same dog.  She was grieving for her lost companion.  Reluctantly, she went on walks with my wife, but we could tell by the “faraway look in her eyes” that she was wondering where her best friend had gone.  A few months after Zoe’s death, Remi died suddenly without warning.  We always felt she died of a broken heart.  Both dogs are buried under a big Oak tree in our front yard.  It is comforting to know they are close to us, but life will never be the same without them.  We have two new dogs now, and they are wonderful, but we will always miss Remi and Zoe.  They were so very special to us and we hope they will reunite with us in someday in Heaven.

-Ronald Moiles DVM

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